Visual Novel: Growing Connections
Adobe Illustrator CC, TyranoBuilder
ICAM, University of California, San Diego

Growing Connections is a short visual novel style game that focuses on the idea of making connections in one's youth. While the game applies to many aspects of life, you play as a toddler since that is the time where others make most of the decisions for you. Many situations that we are put into at that time are beyond our control but our reactions to situations determine who we are. As you play through the game, the small plant on the bottom of the screen grows along with every decision you make; however, the way that the tree grows is determined by one's decisions. If one is sociable, the tree will gain leaves, if one is not sociable or if one neglects/rejects previous connections then leaves will fall and the the branch that represents that connection will thin. If one reaches out and makes connections with other people, then the tree will gain branches.