Share Storage
UX Experience, Sketch

Problem Statement
Share Storage enables people (mainly students) to be able to store their items easily and inexpensively. Often students have to rent storage space at storage units for quite an expensive rate. Moving is a hassle, especially for many students whom need to do this yearly. With Share Storage, students will be able to find people willing to host their items (as long as the items fit within 5X5 ft area) for a reasonable price. The price will depend on how long the items are stored as the space itself is 5X5 ft to keep things simple.

User Research
The main purpose of Share Storage is to allow people to rent storage space. There are two types of users: Students and Hosts. When interviewing several students, most had this problem of needing storage over breaks (mainly summer break but some mentioned studying abroad). Moving is stressful especially when one must do it every year. It's even worse when you live far away so most people rent storage space; however, storage space is quite expensive so people often rent in groups to split the cost. There are missed opportunities for people with extra space who live around schools to help students store items for a reasonable fee.

Product Research
While there are many storage units around such as Clutter, Public Storage, etc, and even some directed towards students like OrangeBoxFlorida or StoreXpress, there are not that many apps directed towards physical storage. One example I found was Cubbyhole but their targeted users is different. I found features that I liked from many of the apps and storage units I had researched and found ways to incorporate the ones that would fit Share Storage such as the ability to message and have pick up/drop off.

Feature Prioritization
Due to the research, I prioritized the ability of making and accepting requests, inviting others, and being able to message others. This was to steamline the process of getting students easy storage. The ability to easily make and accept requests was a priority as it. Inviting others is another priority to gain a wider group of users. Additionally, inviting others (especially as hosts) allows more students more chances to store their items.

User Flow
This user flow describes the process of requesting storage space. The user flow also has notes about how and why it is formulated the way it is.
After making paper prototypes, I conducted a user test. Based on the user test, I adjusted my plans accordingly and transferred the revised prototypes to Sketch and created software wireframes. There are two different sign in accounts depending on the user type. Some of the wireframes are exclusive to one user type.