Kissy Fish
Adobe After Effects CC
ICAM, University of California, San Diego

"Kissy Fish" was a project for Media Sketchbook. Media Sketchbook explored the video medium and used video as a tool in the manner of a sketchbook. "Kissy Fish" is based on my real life relationship with my pet fish during my childhood. Kissy was the fish that had lasted the longest, 9 years. There were many lessons to be learned from taking care of goldfish. The life cycle of my goldfish varied greatly, from a day to several years, some died due to my lack of experience, others committed suicide on seashells and other objects, and even more died in unknown ways. I cleaned their water, fed them, and tried to teach them tricks. There is connection that formed from our time together. This work is about the cycle of life and love. Rather than create an eternal fish that will never die, the short animation ends with the fish dying as a reflection of reality.